My first summit! A letter from 2453m

M y beloved one, can you hear me? I thought I heard you as the wind whistles coming up from the sea. My love can you see me? The sunlit cloud takes your shape.

As we left from the city, we carried all our everyday worries and burdens upon our shoulders. By the time the sun started setting, we had forgotten everything and we could be dreamers again. Wondering about the light and the stars, the sea, the mountain, the wind and their going-ons.

The weather is great. At least when looking towards the sea. Behind us, the wind gathers dark clouds on top of the mountain summits. It does not bother us at all. We just sit and look at the sea from above. I think I could do that for countless hours.

I cannot stop photographing. Because this time I feel there is a purpose. To share with you the beauty I witness, since you are not beside me. I try to mark words into my mind so that I can describe you what I see. Tomorrow we are going to trek to the summit. I feel a little anxious. Sweet anxiety. It just feels so much better when in your heart there is someone that you are going to share your experiences. When you feel there is someone special waiting for you when you come back.

This is when hiking, traveling, adventures are most worthy. When you have someone to go back to, not when you are trying to escape from something.

The full moon shines above us like a small sun. You dont even need a flashlight. I try to sleep. It does not take long for the sounds of rain to add themselves to the orchestra of the wind. Let it be!

By the time we get up, a bright morning sun welcomes us. We gather our tent and start out way up the mountains.

The deeper we move in the White Mountains, in the mountain dessert, the more I feel that we are entering a perfect storm. And the unearthly landscape makes this even more intense.

We leave the car and start the trail. We find ourselves at 1950m altitude and a small sign says that we are heading towards the Pachnes summit at 2453m. Fog, strong winds and rain. Let’s go.

It seems that here there is another god ruling. Severe, harsh. Just like the bare rock – as if it is burnt, only that the fire is nothing more than the ice. How words have a different meaning here!

We reach the summit!! Really? I thought I would be able to see the whole world from here. But the weather will only allow me to see just five meters away from me. I look for a small refuge to protect myself against the face-beating rain. No matter how unfit for the place any technology device seems, I feel thankful that I can use one to share with you this moment. Your enthusiastic reply makes everything meaningful.

We start the descent. When you are marching towards the summit, your thought is focused on your target, you feel the rush of the unknown, your eyes lustfully try to grab all the never-before-seen images and your mind is busy recording. When the descent starts, it is time to chat with your inner self. To let yourself drift through your thoughts or simply let go. By the end of the trail, only two thoughts remain. To get back to your beloved ones and to make arrangements for your next nature escape.

Selouda / Pachnes, Crete, 2016.

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