Action and relax. Summer time that is Imbros Gorge / Orthi Ammos (Φαράγγι Ίμβρου / Ορθή Άμμος)

T he idea was to go and spend some relaxing time on the beach. But what better than to have some exercise before laying down on a sandy beach and dive in crystal clear waters? No, the gym and other indoor artificial, sweat-smelling, body-building-competition like exercises are not gonna cut it, how about a refreshing trek in the nature?

Since we wanted to go to Fragkokastello, trekking the Imbros Gorge on our way was more than a perfect fit. The weather was great; not too hot, a few small clouds here and there, and just a right amount of wind to keep a refreshing breeze afloat. Let’s start hiking!!

After two, two and a half hours we are already at the exit. It feels great. We are smiling and having fun. We feel happy. Just like after any other hike that we have completed, but only this time, it is even greater because we are just a few minutes away from a wonderful sea. Orthi Ammos (meaning standing sand) here we come!

Oh I love the summer and all that comes with it….

Imbros Gorge / Orthi Ammos, Crete, 2016.

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