About " Everything Starts with a Croissant!! "

So the title of the site is CroissantStories and then it says that it is about travel and photography? WTF are you smoking? 🙂

Ok, wait. I’ll explain myself. I love croissants. I mean I love them seriously. But look what happens. I almost never eat them in my everyday life. But when I travel, I cannot accept or imagine myself starting a day and not having a croissant for breakfast!! So traveling and croissants are two things inseparable for me, exactly as it is quite impossible for me to travel and not hold a camera in my hands. Alas! Mystery solved!

CroissantStories was born as a medium of expression and sharing. Sharing of photos and thoughts. But maybe utterly it is something far more personal. It is an effort to organize my mind, to keep it remembering and reminding that what it matters is what has been felt and not what has been bought. Equally important, it is a reason to stand behind my monitor and try to gather, process and organize the photos that I manage to collect from every trip and ultimately leave on my hard drive to rest, as if they have to mature, without even opening them for years.

I hope you like what is presented here and that you discover along the lines or images your urge to go out and meet the world. I hope that you give me back ideas and push me to move on as well! I would feel really happy if you gave me any feedback or contacted me for whatever reason!

Also I would be happy to present your stories, if you ever wished to share them through this website. I should mention however that this is not a public site asking for visitor content, therefore I dont feel obliged to publish whatever you sent me, if for some reason I do not like it or dont feel it fits within the boundaries of this blog.

They say that minds are like parachutes: they function better when they are open. I feel that traveling around the world is what makes one’s mind to open widely. The same stands true when you pursue the beauty of an image: you have to keep your eyes wide open and your mind alert to the beauty or stimulus of even the smallest bit around.

Be happy (and keep reading CroissantStories 😛 ),

*Important Notice

All photos presented on this blog are copyrighted by their respected owners. You can use them only under permission. Hotlinking is not allowed without proper reference to this blog and the owner of the photos and it is forbidden for for-profit websites. Please contact the contributors of this blog for more information and licensing. This is the primary way to support this site.

I try to post high quality photos, hi-res, without any distracting watermarks, logos or other obscure elements. I feel that this way my work is presented in a proper way and that I respect the viewer as much as possible. Please respect me in the same way. Also note that these are the same guidelines for anyone wishing to publish his/her content in CroissantStories.

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