A three-day escape South of Rethymnon

I need an escape. I need to relax. I need to see new things. Do you realize that we only have three days? Let’s just make the most of it then please.

This is how we started throwing things in the car. Swimming suits, a tent, a couple of books and our hiking shoes. Just in case. We started the engine. Where to? Ligres, a beach in south Rethymnon. A lot we had heard about this place. Neither of us had been there. Off to the unknown!

That was the initial enthusiasm. But then the traffic and the heat wave (almost 40 degrees celcius) seemed to tone it down. Until suddenly the road took a turn to reveal in front of our eyes the Libyan Sea…

Ok, enthusiasm re-established! And the anticipation to reach the sea grew even higher. We started counting the villages on our way and kept looking the reverse timer on the gps to make sure we were getting closer and closer. 10 minutes, five, three, park the car now!

It didn’t take long to put all our stuff on our hands and shoulders and set off to settle on the beach. Even though it was already late in the afternoon, the sun was crudely hot and the distance we had to cover walking was not as small as we had thought. By the time our tent was set, I was swearing. I left everything and sat at the edge of the sea, wondering about all the trouble we had put ourselves into. And then, I took my eyes off the ground, just to see the sun setting gloriously…

Immediately I felt really stupid that I let any of this frustration get into me. We were the two luckiest people on earth just for being there and being able to see this view and live this moment. We opened a bottle of wine and at last carrying all the food and stuff made sense as the dinner under the stars cannot compare to anything.

The heat woke us up next day. Luckily the sea offered an immediate opportunity to cool off and our sun umbrella was the perfect sanctuary from the burning sun. All the fatigue of the previous days was making us unwilling to move even a few meters away. It was time to open up my book and start reading without worrying about anything else.

By the way… if you haven’t read it, Wolf Totem is a fascinating read. So fascinating that it took all the way till late afternoon to put it aside. The setting sun transformed the colors around us and gave us even more reasons to appreciate the place.

Next morning we decided that it was time to move on. Triopetra was at the other end of the bay and a perfect next stop.

A perfect beach and an amazing place. At least for as long as the weather permitted… By noon, the temperature had elevated to above 45 degrees Celcius and the terrible hot wind from the south was getting stronger and stronger. To the point that we could feel our faces getting burnt. My glasses were so hot that I could not wear them anymore. We dived again and again. But it took just a few moments to dry out and feel like being roasted. We looked at each other. Checked booking and google. Ok, let’s leave nature and let’s find a room with an air condition for the night! Agia Galini here we come!

Well, Agia Galini is not actually the place that we would choose to go, but at the time, it was a perfect sanctuary! Just for the night, it was just fine. And after a few glasses of ouzo, it seemed even better. And anyway, it was just a stopgap. Till next morning that we decided to put our hiking shoes to good use!

Since it was way too hot to be even at the beach, we decided to hike Agios Antonios gorge. A narrow gorge full of trees, running waters and plenty of shadow! I had hiked this gorge in the past, but at the time, inside the gorge the river had dried up. Now, with just a few days after the last rainfalls, the gorge would be full of water. A great opportunity!

I can still remember the joy on our faces when we finished the hike and returned to our car. Not only did we manage to escape the heat wave, we felt like we had just lived a small adventure, as the gorge required a bit more from us than just… hike. A marvelous end to our short holiday!

South Rethymnon, 2017.


  • Wow! Travelling photography and enjoying life in Greece! So happy to follow your trips in the world..

  • Loved that travel post about Crete! Whether it is travel photography in Crete or a personal adventure in the wild, I can’t get enough of those trips. I would love to find some photography tips or some feedback from your photographic equipment, your favorite camera / lens combo for traveling.

    Hiking trails and trekking seems to be one of the best things to do in Crete. I visit Crete this summer and I am looking forward to exploring secret places like that. Could not be happier to travel to the land of adventure with my camera!

    • Thank you very much Antonis!

      I am currently using a Canon 5DmkII camera with a 35mm f/2 lens almost exclusively while traveling. I like the fixed lens and its compact size helps a lot – a good compromise between versatility, size and image quality. Size/weight are crucial factors while traveling (and even more so while hiking) and eventually I plan on moving to a mirrorless camera that will be lighter/smaller than the mkII.

      Crete is indeed a hiking paradise with the added bonus that most of the trails are not crowded since everyone seems to be at the beach 😛 So happy travels!

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