S ometimes it takes a plane or a car to take us to a journey. Other times, the trip is mental and all we need are people whose acts will inspire us and carry us away to immaterial worlds.

This is the kind of trip that I experienced a few days ago when I attended a contemporary dance performance of the dance company Syn-Kinisi. I was invited to photograph the performance and since this was my first time to do something like that, I entered the venue with my only concern to take acceptable photos. But as the performance started to unfold, soon all these thoughts were left behind and my mind was taken over by the expressions and movements of the dancers. I was becoming part of a storyline whose script I didn’t know.

I found myself trying to create a context and a surrounding world where the dancers lived. I had to understand and explain their reactions and movements. What was that they were trying to express? Why did they suddenly started to talk? Were the feelings that were brewing in my mind and soul relevant to what the dancers wanted to convey or did the performance touched any subconscious parts of myself leading me to unrelated paths?

Maybe that was exactly what the performance was trying to achieve. To let everyone write his own notes ( = semiosis) in his mind and soul. 

Performance “Semiosis”

Choreographic Structure, Conception, Supevision: Sophia Falierou
Performers: George Anastasakis, Chryssa Georgiou, Ioulia Zacharaki, Marikita Lironi, Sandy Markogiannaki, Elena Papdaki, Nikolas Chatzivasiliadis
Original music theme – piano: Christos Garbidakis

Municipal Art Gallery, Chania, Greece, January 2018.

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