Unexpected Beauty Walking from Sougia to Ancient Lissos

T o be honest in the beginning it all seemed like a big fiasco. It was one of those Sundays that you definitely want to go out and do something, but you are not sure what, you are not sure where, been there, done that, not enough time for this, bad weather for that etc etc. I cannot even remember how the idea to walk the trail from Sougia to Lissos popped up. Out of the blue it seemed like a thing that could save the day.

And it saved it indeed! An easy hour and half long (a little bit more a little bit less depending on how much you fool around) trail leads from the port of Sougia to the ancient Lissos and its small beach. You walk past a small gorge to get from sea level to mountain top and then walk down again to reach the sea. The trail is not difficult and it is actually really beautiful! Since it was March when we hiked, despite the sunny weather the sea was terribly cold, so we missed the chance to dive after finishing the trail. But ok, you cant have everything!

Sougia / Lissos, Crete, 2016.

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